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Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 doses needed)

£55 per dose

30 min booking


Hepatitis B is spread through infected blood and blood products, contaminated needles and medical instruments and sexual intercourse.

Risk is higher for long stays, frequent travel and for children (exposed through cuts and scratches), those who may require medical treatment during travel.

Risk is highest for those with underlying medical conditions where there is increased risk of severe disease e.g. chronic liver/kidney disease; haemophiliacs; men who have sex with men; people who change partners frequently; people who inject drugs.

Should also be considered if you are a healthcare professional or need for occupational health

This vaccination is given as a course of three vaccines over 6 months, (0, 1 month, 6 months, however it can be given in an accelerated manner for those requiring emergency cover. In this case it can be given on days 0,7 and 21, with a booster dose after one year.

The vaccine is not live and is therefore well tolerated.

A junior vaccine is available to children.


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