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Meningitis ACWY


30 min booking


When to consider

  • As an entry requirement to Saudi Arabia for all pilgrims (Hajj/Umrah)

  • Travel to Meningitis belt of Africa during outbreaks, especially if the itinerary involves close and prolonged contacts with locals in overcrowded settings, such as schools, hospitals, workplaces.

Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

Single dose of Meningitis ACWY vaccine given 10 days prior to entry.

Booster doses

General Travellers-the requirement for booster doses for travellers and other at risk groups is currently not know. Clinical study data shows protection lasts for around 5 years following one dose of the ACWY conjugated vaccine.

Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia-For Hajj/Umrah certificate/visa requirements, it is accepted that the vaccine lasts for 5 years (certificate should state conjugate vaccine used). Therefore, further booster would be needed if contemplating pilgrimage after this time period. However, if there is uncertainty as to whether a conjugated vaccine was administererd or ACWY Vax (GSK vaccine) was given, then the validity would be 3 years.


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